Tips for House Hunting as Empty Nesters

Tips for House Hunting as Empty Nesters

Declutter Your Current Home

While you may have several keepsakes that are dear to your heart, you likely have a few items that you could stand to throw out or donate. Decluttering reveals how many possessions you will need to take to your new home and how much space you will actually need.

Determine a Location

Are you looking to move closer to your children, grandchildren, or friends? This could be a major factor when house hunting! Other things you may consider are:

  • Neighborhood
  • Safety
  • City/rural/suburb
  • Geography

Decide on a Size

House size is a major factor for any move. You’ll need to decide how many rooms, bathrooms and storage spaces you will need in your new home. Oftentimes, empty nesters prefer to downsize. This could allow for more financial freedom due to lower mortgage payments and utility bills!

Define Your Style

Is there a certain style of home you love? There are several styles of homes you can choose from including cottage, contemporary/modern, traditional, mid-century modern and so many more!

Are you unsure of where to start? Jessica and Sarah are ready to help you find your empty nester home! Contact us today!

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