Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance

As winter comes to an end, your home will need a checkup—both inside and out–whether you are planning to sell your home or not. Routine home maintenance is an essential step in avoiding costly repairs further down the road, and spring is the perfect time to spruce up your property and keep it looking and performing at its best.

Refer to this spring home maintenance list each year to prolong the life of your home, yard, appliances, and more.

Care About Your Air

  • Get your HVAC system ready for warmer months.
  • Test any exhaust fans and hoods in your kitchen and bathrooms. If these aren’t working properly, it can lead to issues like moisture and mold when warmer weather arrives.
  • Replace your furnace filter (every 3 months).
  • Test all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries annually.
  • Check your fire extinguishers.
  • Clean any debris or dirt off air conditioning units.
  • Check hose connections on your air conditioner for leaks, and make sure the drain pans are draining freely. Schedule an air conditioner inspection if needed.

Exterior & Foundation

  • Check your roof for damage from the winter or normal aging.
  • Clean out your gutters, and make sure they are securely attached and ready for big spring rains. Repair any leaks or weak spots.
  • Check your foundation for cracks or leaks. Hire a foundation specialist to perform any repairs.
  • Inspect your siding, masonry, or exterior paint. Schedule repairs if needed.

Windows & Doors

  • Inspect the caulking and weather stripping around your windows. If there is any cracking or damage, recaulk or replace weather stripping.
  • Remove storm windows and install screens.
  • Check screens for holes and damage.

Deck & Patio

  • Check your deck or patio for loose boards, bricks, or stones. Repair any weak areas.
  • No matter the material your deck is made of, keeping it clean will extend its life.
  • Check if your deck needs restained, sealed, or repaired.
  • Make sure your grill is in good working order before barbecue season!

Attic & Basement

  • Check for pests, mold, fire hazards, leaks, and moisture. Call an expert if you discover any.

Call the Experts

  • Does your septic tank need to be pumped or replaced?
  • Do your dryer vents need to be professionally cleaned?
  • Is your water heater older than 5 years?

When in doubt, call an expert to give you advice, perform an inspection, or make the repair. Some parts of your home are best left to the professionals.

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