Simple Staging Tips for the Holidays

Simple Staging Tips for the Holidays

Families everywhere are hauling wreaths, garland, and lights out of their garages or attics in preparation for holiday decorating. But what if you’re also preparing to put your house on the market? How can you decorate for the holidays while still keeping your home ready for show? Here are four quick tips and a mantra to guide you.


Decluttering is, as always, the number one rule of staging your home. A few decorations can showcase your home’s festive side, but you’ll definitely need to err on the side of clean and spacious, rather than full and crowded. Make sure buyers will be able to get a sense of spaciousness and possibility by not filling every corner with decor.


As you’re choosing which decorations will make the cut, focus on what will bring feelings of coziness and comfort. A few subtle touches like plush throw pillows, some evergreen garland, or seasonal books on the coffee table can create a warm feeling in your home.


What might be funny or memorable to you might be tacky and distracting to potential home buyers. Keep the giant blow-up snowman and collection of Santa figurines put away this year, and choose simple decorations instead. Can you put up a Christmas tree? Absolutely! But keep the personalized ornaments safely stored for now, and stick to the classics.


Use your holiday decorations strategically to highlight your home’s best features. Got a rockin’ fireplace? Accentuate it with a few festive accents with covering it up completely! Complement the style and color palette that your home already has, rather than forcing the newest holiday trends that may not be the best fit for the space.

When in doubt, keep it simple.

Too many trimmings can distract buyers from seeing your house’s full potential. Likewise, overtly religious imagery may be off-putting to some buyers. The more neutral you can be, the wider range of buyers you can appeal to. Keep it simple

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