How to Make Your Space Seem Bigger Than It Is

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Square footage shouldn’t make or break your dream home. Many people want their house to look and feel more spacious, but may not be willing to make a huge project out of it. Here are some easy solutions which will help you make a small space feel more inviting and multi-functional.

Use your space well

Try to leave space within the room. This means having empty gaps on shelves which makes it seem like there is more space than you might actually have. The more organized and tidy your area is, the more it will seem like you have enough space for all your things. This could also mean leaving some space between walls and your furniture. This helps create clear pathways within your house, which makes it seem like each section of your home flows together. Being intentional about the placement of items makes the extra space feel intentional.

Highlight the right areas

A more time-consuming way to create the illusion of space is to paint using light and contrasting colors.  With pastel colors, it can feel like the light is filling the space. If you also use light colored flooring, you can create an illusion that the space keeps going. You could also paint the edges of doorways with a contrasting color to create the idea that the doorway is larger. Even better, if you can remove doors from their hinges and open up the doorway, it creates a mock open floor plan.

Work with what you have

An easy way to create more space is to hang curtains above your window frames to make the windows seem bigger while also creating more light within the space. If you use sheer or breezy curtains this allows more light in, which can make the room seem larger. Try adding mirrors to walls – especially across from windows to draw even more light in.

Avoid patterns within your rooms, this includes rugs, curtains, pillows, etc. Patterns fill space so it can be counter intuitive.  Patterned rugs chew up a lot of your space and make things seems smaller than they are. However, stripes can be used to help make a space feel longer – but try to keep with light and contrasting colors to make things pop.

Choose the right furniture for the space

When picking out furniture there are a few things to consider. Kitchen tables are a necessity but choosing one with a drop leaf allows you space to entertain  while allowing you to scale back when you don’t need it. You can also use table and floor lamps to draw the eye to different places in the room versus having one main focal point. Choose lofted or furniture with legs to have more storage or even just create more visual space in the room.  As a general rule of thumb, choose less furniture but use bigger pieces such as one large couch and a large chair versus cluttering the space with lots of furniture.

Another way to create space is to use built in bookcases and storage. This not only creates storage for you, but it also will help you de-clutter and stay organized. If you can’t build something into the wall, then consider choosing furniture that has storage built in. This can be an ottoman that can double as a coffee table or a table that has drawers or cabinets to store things.  Also, try mounting your TV to draw the eyes up within the room.

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