How to Make Your Home Look Fresh for Summer

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Summer is an exciting time. It is a great opportunity to bring people together in your new home. If you are a first time home buyer who has just moved in, redecorating your home each season could feel like a hassle. However, there are a few easy things you can do to give your home a fresh look for summertime.

Think of summer as a time to experiment with new colors and decor in your home to give it a new feel.

Use some of these simple tips to change things up for summer:

Give Color a Go

Try to add in new colors that contrast the colors already present in your home. This could mean putting some dark tones in a room that has lighter tones, or vice versa. This is an easy way to highlight the colors of summer to give the room a different feeling. A simple way to do this is by changing the color of your bedding or throw pillows. Even if you just change out the color of your towels, it will make that color stand out from the rest.

If the typical summer pastels aren’t your taste, consider using nature colors that are often forgotten, like dark green and navy.

Utilize Your Space

Find a place outside to create your own summer afternoon get away. Even if you aren’t planning any trips, put some furniture out and it can be your special place in the summer. Pick a shady, breezy place, bring some weather-resistant chairs out, and you have the perfect place to read or relax after work.

Also, if you have a fireplace, try to find a way to make sure that isn’t the highlight of the room in the summer. You can put some greenery around it to distract from this key winter piece. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can rearrange the room so that the furniture partially covers the fireplace.

Change It Up

Something as simple as decorating counters or tables with some summer colors can give a room a different feel. Try this tip by using a new kitchen table runner that screams warm weather, changing up the dishware, or even putting handkerchiefs on the table to replace tablecloths or a napkin. Using a mason jar filled with lights and flowers can be a great addition to an outdoor space to keep it light and natural. You could also do something as simple as using a bowl filled with seasonal fruits as a centerpiece.

Another quick thing is to swap out the soap and candles around the house. Shift from the cozy winter scents to something light and airy. Some classics are ocean breeze, lemon, and other assorted fruit flavors.

If you’re looking to buy a home, contact Jessica and Sarah today. Whether you are a first time home buyer, an empty nester, or somewhere in between, they can help find you a new home to relax with your friends and family all summer long.

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