How to Decorate Your New Home for the Holidays

Christmas ornaments

For many people, the winter holidays can present a confusing mix of excited joy and anxiety. The joy almost goes without saying, but “the most wonderful time of the year” is often also the busiest – presents to buy, trips to take, guests to entertain, expectations to meet. It can be overwhelming.

If you are a first time home buyer, this already hectic situation might leave you feeling miserably stressed.

Don’t let the holiday rush shut you down. Follow these tips to help transform your new home into a holiday oasis.

Something New

Trying to precisely recreate your decorations and traditions from your last home in a brand new space is a perfect recipe for disappointment. Embrace your new home and the opportunity to create new traditions. If you got a new pet, you wouldn’t expect them to behave in the exact same way as your previous furry friend, because each pet has its own personality. Your home has a personality too!

Measure for Measure

When you’re trying new things, or even figuring out how to incorporate your old decorations into a new space, you have to make sure you measure. Christmas tree height, the lengths of light strands, you can’t make any assumptions about what fits where anymore. Measure, plan, then measure again.

Home Is Where the Art Is

Once you’ve decided to freshen up your holiday looks, take inspiration from your surroundings. Does your new home have gorgeous hardwood floors? Choose natural, rustic ornaments to creative a cohesive look.

You can even bring the outside in, using native plants and berries, and sprigs of evergreen as accents that can bring new life to your existing decorative objects. 

The Smell of the Season

Engage all of the senses with holiday joy! Ribbons, garlands, and trees delight the eyes. Pull down a candy cane for taste. Cheerful tunes fill the air. The feel of cuddling up under a warm hand-knit blanket. And don’t forget the sense of smell.

When you’re decorating a new home for the holidays, candles, pine and other aromatics can give your home an inviting and lived-in feeling. 

Deck the… Bedroom?

Your home will instantly feel cozier if you decorate the bedroom. Many people focus their efforts completely on the areas that their guests will see, but you deserve to feel the holiday spirit in every corner of your brand new home. It’s a beautiful gift to yourself.

Gather Together

We mentioned “guests,” and there is no better motivator for completing your move-in than the arrival of expectant guests. Put a holiday party on your calendar, and not only will you have the necessary drive to get all the decorations up, but it might be the last push you need to un-box and complete your move-in

If you’re looking to buy a home, a place where you can continue to create new traditions, contact Jessica & Sarah today. They can find you the perfect spot to laugh and sing and celebrate with your friends, family, and loved ones. 

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