Empty Nester: Fix Up, Build, Downsize, or Stay?

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After years of raising children, you have finally watched them take the next step into adulthood as they move out of your home and into their own. With this move comes change and you now find yourself facing a period of adjustment and asking the question all empty nesters have to ask themselves: Is it time to renovate your current home, build a new home, downsize, or simply stay?


For those who choose to stay in their current homes, this can be the perfect time to complete renovations that may have been put on hold in years past. With the new space that comes from children moving out, you now have the option to spruce up rooms in order to transform them into an area you’ve always wanted. For example, creating a crafting room, a library, or a home gym. There’s also the option of choosing to renovate in order to rent out and create a new stream of revenue.


If the renovations needed to create a dream home are extreme, it might be in the plan to simply build new. Not only does this give you the chance to create a floor plan that can meet all your needs, but this is a great option for those that will need some extra space for when family and grandchildren come to stay. This option can also help you plan for the future, as you build a customized home that can continue to meet your needs as the years pass.


As one of the most common options for empty nesters, this is perfect for those who simply find that they have too much space or space that they simply don’t want to spend time cleaning or paying to keep maintained. Downsizing doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the amenities or space you want or need, it simply gives you a chance to create a new list of what you’re looking for in a home and find one that matches those items.


There’s no rule that says just because your children have moved out that you have to as well. If your home is still meeting all your needs, it’s a perfectly normal choice to stay. Selling your home and moving into a new home is no easy feat and for many it might not be in the cards in that moment.

You’ve spent your life constantly on the go. Now is the chance to slow down and ask yourself what you need or want in a space. With your children finally grown, you can truly create or find your next dream home that has everything you need. Are you ready to start this next journey? Contact the expert team of Sarah & Jessica! Together we can help you take this next step.

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