Choosing Siding For Your Home

Home Siding photograph


Siding is likely the single most noticeable part of your home. Not only does siding offer your home’s first impression visually, but it’s also the physical protection your home needs to keep out the elements. In short: it’s important. So how do you choose which material is best? What colors and styles are trending right now? Let’s chat.. Different materials will stand up to weather differently, and it’s important to be prepared for the extremes in all seasons. Also think about maintenance, and how often you’ll realistically be able to do upkeep. Many homeowners are prioritizing ease of maintenance by choosing long-lasting materials like vinyl or engineered wood.

In this day and age, many consumers are considering how their choices impact the environment. Luckily, there are several sustainable exterior siding choices. You can create a more eco-conscious home with recycled materials such as steel, which also requires less maintenance due to higher durability. Win win!


A common and effective color strategy is choosing a mixture of light and dark hues, such as a light trim with a darker siding color. This creates a contrasting, dynamic color scheme that catches the eye and draws attention to architectural features. Bonus tip: Adding in a bold accent color for the front door, porch furniture, and/or landscaping can really make the home’s exterior pop!

Colors are also trending into more bold choices and less “greige”. Deep blues, charcoal grays, rustic maroons, and dusty greens are replacing the basic sandy tones of the previous decade. 


Instead of relying primarily on color for contrast, we’re seeing a greater use of texture. Consider using physical design transitions, such as board and batten, trim, shakes, etc., with less color change between these profiles. The texture of these transitions will draw the eye and create interest with a feeling of luxury.

An up-and-coming trend is to combine a few different complimentary styles into one face of the home’s exterior to achieve a unique look. Farmhouse can combine with modern, Craftsman with prairie, and so on, as long as it’s done with intention and a clear view of the final goal. Avoid the “McMansion” look by remaining true to your home’s one primary style while adding subtle interest with secondary style motifs. 

As you make your final choices about the siding for your home, remember that your ultimate goal is a safe, inviting home, and that can be achieved in many different ways. Enjoy the process if you can, but most of all make sure the product meets your needs. 

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