Empty Nester: Fix Up, Build, Downsize, or Stay?

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After years of raising children, you have finally watched them take the next step into adulthood as they move out of your home and into their own. With this move comes change and you now find yourself facing a period of adjustment and asking the question all empty nesters have to ask themselves: Is it time to renovate your current home, build a new home, downsize, or simply stay?

5 Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

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Downsizing Tips
Moving can present a series of both emotional and practical obstacles. These issues can be compounded when empty nesters opt to transition out of a home where they raised a family, full of a lifetime worth of memories. As you address this intersection of past, present, and future, empty nesters should take the following into consideration.

Tips for House Hunting as Empty Nesters

Tips for House Hunting as Empty Nesters

Often times when couples become empty nesters, they realize they don’t need all the extra space around their houses. This often leads to downsizing! Here are a few great tips and factors empty nesters should consider before moving.