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Home Buying

Buying a House Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Buying a home for the first time can stir up a lot of fears and anxieties, some of them rational, and some unrealistic. For instance, you probably don’t need to worry about a hurricane destroying your home if you live in Eastern Iowa, but sometimes there’s no controlling the imagination.

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Home Buying

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

A recent survey by Trulia showed that 44% of homeowners are saddled with regrets, either about their current property, or the process they went through to purchase it. Your home should be an oasis where you can enjoy peace and solitude, or the company of your loved ones, not a cauldron of anxiety.

Let’s look at the main reasons buyers experience remorse when purchasing a home, and some strategies for avoiding those negative feelings.

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Veteran Home Buying

Veteran Home Buying – Advantages of VA Loans

Home ownership is a huge investment, and also a key element in the American Dream. Since the introduction of the GI Bill, signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1944, the US Government has made home ownership a realistic possibility for the men and women of the Armed Forces, the people who have invested so much in protecting the American way of life. A VA loan provides some great advantages for buyers, compared to conventional loans and FHA options.

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Empty Nesters

5 Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

Downsizing Tips
Moving can present a series of both emotional and practical obstacles. These issues can be compounded when empty nesters opt to transition out of a home where they raised a family, full of a lifetime worth of memories. As you address this intersection of past, present, and future, empty nesters should take the following into consideration.

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Home Buying

Pros and Cons of Buying a Fixer-Upper

You’re ready for a new house, but the perfect property might not be ready for you. Will you wait for that move-in-ready dream home, or will you create something fresh by renovating a fixer-upper? If you’re considering the latter option, you need to evaluate the pros and cons of that approach.

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Home Buying

The Pros and Cons of an Open Floor Plan

First time home buyers don’t have to watch many episodes of Property Brothers or any other HGTV hit to understand that these days an open floor plan is all the rage. Statistics back up this claim, with a 2015 survey from the National Association of Home Builders indicating that 70 percent of recent and prospective home buyers prefer a kitchen-family room arrangement that is at least partially open.

There’s nothing wrong with following a trend if you understand the benefits and drawbacks of jumping on the bandwagon. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest pros and cons of an open floor plan.

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Closing on a Home

Making an Offer 101

You picked the perfect neighborhood. You spent a month of weekends attending open houses and being guided by your intrepid realtor.

And you’ve found the perfect home!

After a first-time home buyer takes a moment to enjoy the relief of finding their dream home, there’s still a lot more work to do. An experienced realtor will be able to guide you through much of the process to come, but an informed buyer is a happy buyer, especially when you make a purchase that can affect every other part of your life.

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