3 Steps for Closing on a Home You Love

Your search is over and you've found a home you love. Congratulations! It's time to close on the house you have decided on. The closing process can be intimidating, but we broke it down into 3 simple steps that will make you feel much more comfortable during the entire process.

1. Prepare for Closing Day

Before closing day itself, there are a few things you need to do. If you plan to get a loan, you will need to review your documents thoroughly. This means reviewing your Closing Disclosure Statement. This form breaks down what your mortgage payments will be, additional fees, and closing costs. Next, walk through the home one last time. Be sure that the home is in the agreed upon condition and that any repairs that were promised have been made.

2. Gather Paperwork

 You will need to gather all the important paperwork before closing day. This means homeowners insurance, a copy of your contract, any bank required papers, photo ID, and your home inspection reports as well.  Be sure to bring your down payment. This will need to be in the form of a cashiers check. You should also bring a personal checkbook for any other fees that might come up at the closing.

3. Close on Your New Home!

Before you officially become a homeowner, lenders will require a title search. This ensures there aren't any issues with transferring the title of the property to your name. Now, you will sign papers. A lot of papers! Congratulations, you own a home! Be sure to keep all the paperwork in a safe binder or folder.

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