6 Things to Love About Rural Communities

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Many homeowners these days are wanting to find homes outside the hustle and bustle of city life, while still leading a productive and connected modern lifestyle. Increasingly, people are finding exactly what they’re looking for in rural communities. We take great delight in serving the smaller towns and rural areas in eastern Iowa, so today we’re sharing some of our favorite benefits of living in a rural community.

Knowing and Being Known

In a population-dense city, it can take a long time to really get connected and make new friends. In a rural setting, neighbors need to be able to rely on one another, so connection is the rule rather than the exception. A sense of community develops quickly in a small town due to the close proximity, shared activities, and common meeting places. Really knowing your neighbors and being known by them is a truly special part of rural living.

Cost of Living

One of the factors that gives rural areas the greatest appeal is the fact that the cost of living is often significantly lower than in urban areas. From grocery shopping to purchasing property, rural areas offer much more for your money in almost every aspect.


Less population density usually means less crime. And when neighbors all know each other, a sense of trust and safety can develop. It’s an amazing feeling to feel truly safe and at ease in your home and neighborhood.


Living in a rural place doesn’t necessarily mean being miles and miles away from urban centers. Often, you can find small towns near a larger city, letting you experience the best of both worlds, with access to both the city for work and amenities and the countryside for raising a family.

Close to Nature

Away from the light pollution and traffic sounds, you can enjoy the peaceful sights and sounds of nature right in your own backyard. Additionally, living closer to the farmers means that locally-sourced meat, fruit, and vegetables are readily available without the high prices charged in big city grocery stores and restaurants.


If you have any interest in owning animals, growing gardens, or living more sustainably, the small town life can offer you those freedoms without the fuss. And with more space to spread out, your children will likely have a larger play space and room to roam. If you desire a more flexible lifestyle with greater freedoms to choose what you do in your own backyard, rural living might be perfect for you.

While city life has many amenities and attractions, we’ll always be fond of the sweet country life and all its charms and benefits. If you want to find your perfect rural residence, we’re always ready to help you find what you’re looking for.


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