2023 Home Interior Paint Trends By Room 

We understand that the journey of buying a new home is an exciting process, with many parts to look forward to. A key part of preparing to move into your new home is finding the perfect paint shades that bring life to each room. 

The paint color you choose for each room has a huge influence on the design, from the flooring to ceiling. 

Here are the most popular paint colors by room to try this year! 

The Kitchen

Using black shades in the kitchen has the best impact when the theme is fully executed within cabinetry, islands, and backsplashes. Black shades can be featured with metalwork and can generate an elegant space that shows character. 

A dark kitchen can be enlivened with red and pink colors incorporated into the design. This can smooth the surfaces and enhance the features of the kitchen to make a statement. 

If you aren’t ready to make a bold statement in your kitchen, you can stick to neutrals and still create a fresh new space. To create a light and airy aesthetic in the kitchen, white is the best way to go. The minimalist design incorporates a sleek and sophisticated look. 

A versatile kitchen space can be brought to life when implementing classy creams. The warmer undertones of this shade fashion a welcoming area. 

Working with yellows will brighten up your kitchen space and produce a happy aesthetic. Yellows can make the kitchen feel bigger and brighter. 

To develop a traditional kitchen aesthetic, gray may be your best option. This will create a gleaming base, and will allow for an affluence of color in the kitchen cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc. 

The Living Room

The living room is a versatile space that can be used to host various activities, whether it’s a quiet family movie night, or a social gathering with friends and family. 

The paint color trends for 2023 is having a mix of neutral and statement colors. Designing your living room to have personality and a warming environment can be accomplished with the shades listed below.  

When looking to create a peaceful sanctuary in the living room, a good place to start is working with deep red. It can define the room and give it a sophisticated aesthetic that will keep your family and any guest feeling right at home. 

A cream or beige color is a good base for the living room. Having accents that pop out or feature specific areas is becoming more popular, and these neutral shades are good for creating a solid and clean background. 

Working with browns can create many options to choose from, and it seems to be a popular choice this year. A warm and comforting feeling can be administered when using light browns in the living room, whereas darker shades have a way of making spaces feel restful and intimate. The best way to decide which shade to choose can be by first determining your vision and preferred accent pieces, then choosing the paint color that best suits those pieces. 

The Bedroom

Implementing neutral colors to the bedroom can create a sanctuary and calming feeling. Bright and bold colors paired with a neutral wall base can add a pop of color and can allow specific features of the room to stand out. 

Using gray as a base wall color can supply many options for the aesthetic of the room. You could pair it with warming creams or browns which creates a cozy scheme. 

White shades in the bedroom can brighten up the space and create a classy and sophisticated look to bring a modern style into your room. Natural woods and other accent pieces can liven up the bedroom and allow for a crisp and clean look. 

To design a warm atmosphere in the bedroom, tan or beige could be the way to go. To get the best out of the beige shade, you could implement intriguing textures and patterns to avoid a stale atmosphere. 

A middle ground you could use that’s between warm and cool tones is a cream shade. Cream could be warmed up or cooled down, depending on what look and feel you are going for in the bedroom. Your furnishing and textures can determine which way you would like to go. 

Using bold colors allows personality to be added to the room. Using greens can bring in aspects of nature and balance. If you enjoy the outdoors and have plant life in your room, this may be the way for you to go. 

If you are looking to make a bold statement in the bedroom, you could work with black. A grounding feeling can be supplied when using black shades for the bedroom, and it may also improve your sleep. 

Shades of blue can go many directions when used in the bedroom. Teal, and navy have different influences on the aesthetic of the room. Blue can be the ultimate shapeshifter, and has a wide range, from dark gray-blues to light and airy pale blues. Teal provides a warmer atmosphere and can be accented by yellow or other jewel colors to produce a luxurious look. Navy can create a sophisticated inky aesthetic, that could be paired with bright shades like white, cream, or beige. 

The Bathroom

To transform the look and feel of the bathroom, you should work with colors that make you feel relaxed and refreshed. 

Light blue is a good option for bathrooms, since it can create a spa or beach-like atmosphere. This shade also implements a sense of calmness and balance, and works well when paired with whites and grays. 

Light green can create a refreshing look and feel in your bathroom, since it is inspired by nature and the hues can bring in an outdoor connection. 

Sticking to neutral colors is most preferred in the 2023 trends. There are some examples below of options to choose from to create a cute and trendy bathroom design. 

You can never go wrong with grays for your bathroom, and it is still one of the most popular bathroom colors in 2023. Different hues of gray can create specific atmospheres. A soft gray can allow for brighter accents to pop out, where a light gray can work well with marble, granite, and a lighter colored sink, tiles, and shower/tub. 

Charcoal can be a controversial color for the bathroom, but over time it has become more common to use intense tones in a smaller space. Charcoal’s darker hues can allow you to escape and wash away the stress of the day. Adding metallic or wood tones can create a crisp contemporary edge that is sophisticated, yet refreshing. 

Try a sleek look for your bathroom by working with browns. Although it has not always been the most popular, when paired with the right accents, it can create a jewelry-box feel.  

The Laundry Room

The current trend of paint colors for the laundry room include two different aesthetics. Some people enjoy a bold and colorful laundry room, while others like to stick to neutral and bright shades. 

To create a neutral and bright environment, you should use a crisp and clean white color. If you find that pure white colors are too sharp, you could try on off-white to still keep the room bright, without it being overwhelming. You could pair white with bronze or black hardware and appliances which will create contrast and allow features of the room to pop. 

Going for a light and airy space? Trying using a light gray or beige shade to create a warm and calm aesthetic for the laundry room. This can also allow the room to feel bigger and more organized. 

Tan or beige colors can create a clean and sleek look when paired with contrasting wall trim, doors, ceilings, and appliances. These shades are great for creating a peaceful and warm aesthetic. You can pair these colors with shades that are similar, which can make it easier when  finding an accent color. 

Natural colors like gray are a good option when trying to make an industrial styled aesthetic for your laundry room. Stainless steel and black appliances work best with grays, and can create a modern or minimalist atmosphere. 

Implementing a black color in the laundry room can create a livable, edgy space. This color can give off a chic and elegant look and feel, and can be paired with white appliances to create contrast and a moody dimensional look. 

Overall, choosing the right paint color for the interior of your home is a subjective decision that depends on your personal preferences, the style of your home, and the desired atmosphere you want to create. 

If you’re on the home search, and want to make your dream home a reality, contact us so we can help! 

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