10 Ways to Stage Your Home for an Open House

10 Ways to Stage Your Home for an Open House

1. De-clutter and Depersonalize

It’s natural to want to display all your family’s keepsakes and photos, however, it’s best to de-clutter and de-personalize for your open house. Clutter can make your house seem smaller and crowded. Get a head-start on packing and throw some of those items in boxes!

2. Clean, Clean, Clean!

This may just be the most important thing you do for your open houses. You want viewers to see your house at it’s very best! Think about the big and little things. Be sure to dust, vacuum, mop, sweep, wash the counters, and remove that dust from your light fixtures and the top of your ceiling fans!

3. Freshen the Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a great way to spruce up any room! Light colors will be your friend, dark colors tend to make rooms feel smaller. Use neutral colors that will appeal to anyone. Bright and bold might be your style, but viewers could see this as something they will need to paint over after moving in. 

4. Deep Clean Your Carpets

Stains are a major turn off for buyers! Cleaning carpets can really freshen up any house. Carpets harbor odor and stains. You want to do whatever you can to eliminate these flaws before your open house. 

5. Light Up the House

Lift up those shades and flip on those switches! Bringing maximum light into your house is a great way to impress potential buyers. People want a home that is bright and open, not dark and dingy! Consider replacing certain light fixtures or bulbs to really brighten up your rooms. 

Pro Tip: Replace heavy wall art with a mirror. This will maximize light and make rooms feel and look bigger. 

6. Stage Your Table 

It might seem silly, but set your table!  Displaying what your dining room looks like when hosting helps viewers better imagine themselves living there. Go to your local store and buy a cheap bouquet of fresh flowers and use them as your table’s centerpiece. 

7. Neutralize Themed Rooms

In order to appeal to a larger audience, consider neutralizing your themed rooms. Browns and whites are great go-to colors when re-working rooms. Check out Pinterest if you need some room inspo! 

8. Clean Behind closed doors

Buyers want to see all parts of the house they are considering buying. That means even the closets and drawers. Buyers are always looking for tons of storage. Now is a great time to purge all those unneeded items and pack up the ones you won’t need for months. Keep your closets half empty to show the space of the closet. This might mean packing up your seasonal clothes and putting them in storage.

9. Improve Your Curb Appeal

Improving your curb appeal could be as simple as planting some flowers around your walkway. Consult with your realtors about how they think your curb appeal could improve. New roofing and siding can notably increase your home’s market value

10. Bake Some Cookies

If you really want to leave a good impression on all those viewing your home, bake some cookies right before! This will leave a sweet smell throughout the house and provide a homey feel! (Much better than the smell of perfume!) Leave the cookies on the counter for potential buyers. 

Are you looking for a realtor to walk beside you and help you with this big decision? Look no further, Jessica and Sarah are ready to help you become homeowners! Contact us today to get started on the home buying process.

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